Rooms and Facilities


ファミリー個室(緑の間)2-4名様 約14.41㎡(7.5畳+板の間)

2-4名様ご利用 \4,000/お1人様


FAMILY PRIVATE ROOM (Green) 2-4 people

2-4 people USE JPY4,000/per person

★ Numbers of infants who are shared bed should be the same or less numbers of charged guests.
グループ大部屋個室(虹の間)4-9名様 24.23㎡(14畳)

4-8名様ご利用 \4,000/お1人様
9名様ご利用 ¥3,800/お1人様


4-9 people

4-8 people USE JPY4,000/ per person
9 people USE JPY3,800/ per person

★ Numbers of infants who are shared bed should be the same or less numbers of charged guests.

11名様ご利用 \3,500/お1人様
12名様ご利用 \3,400/お1人様
13名様ご利用 \3,300/お1人様



11-13 people

11 people USE JPY3,500/per person
12 people USE JPY3,400/per person
13 people USE JPY3,300/per person

★If you want to charter two room for 10 people, please book two rooms separately.

★There is NO discount for children in this plan.
  • 平日、日曜など空室がある場合は、1名様でもお泊りいただけます。
    If we have a vacant on Weekdays and Sundays, we  are always welcome to one person stay at our hostel.
  • 祝前日(土曜日・祝日前)、稼働期のゴールデンウイーク、お盆期間、年始年末は、お1人様料金が25%増しになります。
    Our busy terms, such Saturdays, a previous day of Japanese National Holidays, Golden Week in May, Summer Obon Holidays, and End of Beginning of year will be 25% up from our basic room charge per person.
  • 5歳~12歳(小学生)までは大人料金から¥200割引あり
    We offer JPY200 discount for 5-12year-old child.

    There is no discount for children if you book through booking sites.

    There is no discount for children when you book PRIVATE BOOKING PLAN(two rooms chartered.)
  • 13歳以上(中学生以上)は大人料金と同じ
    More than 13 years old are same as adult fee.
  • 0歳~4歳までは無料、ただし布団と朝食なし(添い寝)
    Up to 0-5 years old, without no charge, but futon and breakfast are not provided.
    The number of infants who are shared bed should be the same or less number of charged guests.
  • 料金には、朝食、レンタルバスタオル&ハンドタオルが含まれております。
    Breakfast, a rental bath towel and a hand towel are included in the charge.



Free Service / 無料サービス

Paid Service / 有料サービス

200円 / 回200yen / time

チェックインとチェックアウト / Check-In & Check-Out

  • ご到着のお客様、対応可能な時間
    平日&土曜日 8:00~11:00/16:00~19:00頃まで(カフェオープン時間)
    日曜日&祝日 8:00~11:00頃まで(カフェオープン時間)

    Our available time for ariival guests
    Weekdays & Saturdays 8:00-11:00 a.m./16:00-around 19:00 p.m. (During Cafe is opened.)
    Sundays & Holidays 8:00-around 11:00 a.m.(During Cafe is opened.)
  • チェックイン 16:00~19:00頃まで
    Check-In 16:00 to around 19:00
  • 2部屋のみの小さな施設になっておりますので、ご予約いただきました各お客様には、おおよその到着時間(チェックイン時間)を事前にお伝えいただきますようお願いしております。

    We shall ask any check-in guests for their approximate arrival time(Check-In time) in advance becuase our facility has only two rooms.
  • 16:00以前のチェックイン/ご到着のお客様のお荷物をお預かりいたします。

    We can keep your bageges after you check-in/arrive here before 16:00 p.m..
  • チェックアウト時間 8:00 ~ 11:00 までとなります。

    Check-out 8:00 to 11:00.

    We can keep your bagages around by 19:00 p.m. after your check-out.
    If you leave before 8:00 a.m., please tell us the day before you leave.
  • お支払いはチェックイン時に現金またはクレジットカードにてお支払下さい。
    Payment : Please pay by cash or credit card when you check-in.

    For paying by credit card, the charge must be more than JPY10,000.

決まり事 / Rules

  • カフェホールの利用時間 19:00 ~24:00まで
    The cafe lounge is available until 24:00.

    Staying guests can bring own foods and drinks in the cafe during night time.
    We can not let our guests to use our cafe kitchin, but there is an electlic kettle.

    テレビ利用可能時間 19:00~24:00
    There is a TV for staying guests in the cafe lounge.
    TV available time 19:00-24:00.
    Please respect for one another and try to be gentle attitude on watching TV without any troubles.

    After 23:00 p.m.  in the cafe lounge, please try to be quiet.
  • 宿泊者以外の方は、カフェホールのみ22:00まで利用可能です。
    Visitors are not allowed to stay in the room, and available to use lounge only by 22:00.
  • 客室での飲食は禁止しております。カフェホールにてお願いいたします。
    Eating and drinking are allowed in the cafe lounge only.

    Guests can bring plastic bottle drinks in the room.
  • お布団は各自で敷いてください。
    Please make your own Futon.
  • シーツ交換をご希望の際は、有料(¥300)になります。 連泊で5泊目になりますと無料で交換いたします。
    It is charged as JPY300/set, when requesting on exchange of sheet. If you stay long, sheet will be changed on the 5th day as free.
  • 施設、備品等の破損、過度な汚れなどが生じた場合は、その修理、交換にかかる費用をお客様にご請求させていただきますので、予めご了承いただきますようお願いいたします。
    When the damage and excessive pollution on our facilities and equipments are cuased by guests, we ask you to pay the charge that will be required for its repairment or exchange.
  • レセプションのオープン時間は、8:00 ~ 11:00  / 16:00 ~ 19:00 頃までとなります。
    Reception hour is 8:00 to 11:00 and 16:00 to around 19:00.
  • 11:00~16:00は、清掃時間の為、連泊のお客様には、外出をお願い致します。
    We ask countinuous stayin guests for going out for cleaning during 11:00 to 16:00.
  • チェックイン後の門限はございません。 夜間(20:00以降)は暗証番号式の鍵での出入りとなります。※夜間の出入りの際は、他の宿泊者・近隣住民の方へのご配慮をお願いいたします。

    We have no curfew, but front door will be locked during 20:00 to 7:00a.m.. You can come in and out freely at the back door by pin-code.
     When you come in and out after 22:00, we would like the consideration towards other guests, neighborhood inhabitants.
  • お手洗い、お風呂は共同となります。 1階にシャワルームが1ヶ所、トイレ2か所・洗面台各2ヶ所ございます。トイレ・洗面台は、カフェのお客様とも共同になります。
    Shower room, toilets and vanitories are shared. Customers at cafe will be using tilets and vanitories during cafe time.

    Please make sure to use during the fixed time due to the noise from shower room for other guests.
  • 当ゲストハウスは、防音機能等は万全ではございません。予めご了承下さい。
    We are afraid that you might hear noises of other guests because walls is not sound proof and we use Japanse paper door for partitions.

    Please make sure to be quiet when your late check-in / early check-out.
  • 館内は禁煙となっております。喫煙は屋外所定の場所にてお願いいたします。
    Smoking is not allowed in hostel and cafe, if you smoke please smoke out at the smoking place.
    No littering, please use an ashtray at the smoking place.
  • 深夜0:00に全館消灯とさせて頂いております。就寝中のゲスト様の為、23:00以降は館内の静かなご利用にご協力下さいますようお願い致します。
    All lights will be turn-off at 0:00 midnight. Please respect for other guests who sleep already
  • 朝食は8:00~10:30までに済ませてください。事前に朝食の時間をお伺いいたします。
    Breakfast is served during 8:00-10:30.
    We will ask you a time for breakfast when you check-in.
    If you don't come on time for breakfast, we might ask you to wait until other cusotmers finish.

    When you have breakfast, there are some guests from outside, so please DO NOT bring any foods and drinks during breakfast time.